Luke Price
Luke Price is the current Grand National Champion Fiddler. That is the highest fiddling honor in the United States but it's only part of the story. He is also a talented young multi-instrumentalist known for his great balance of taste, rhythm, and technical ability. He is known for pushing genres, styles, and fellow musicians into new territory while delicately respecting the great musical traditions that have come before.  At the young age of seven, Luke began competing in fiddle contests and quickly made a name for himself winning National Titles at ages 12 and 17, along with a long list of awards from contests all across the country including the Fiddlers Frolics in Hallettsville, Texas and Grand Masters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Justin Branum
Starting on fiddle at age 12, Justin began his musical journey by learning Texas/contest style fiddling and competing in fiddle contests around the country. During this time he was heavily influenced by the fiddling of Benny Thomasson, Terry Morris, Orville Burns, Louis Franklin, and other greats of Texas style fiddling, as well as bluegrass legends like Kenny Baker and Benny Martin. Through contests, Justin was also exposed to western swing and jazz violin which were so inspiring that he shifted his focus to those styles. To learn more about the versatile Justin Branum, click here... 

Maddie Denton
Maddie Denton, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, began playing the fiddle at age five and is a third generation fiddle player, following her mother and maternal grandfather.  She has a passion for contest fiddling and has entered contests all around the country.  Some of her nationally recognized championships include the National Oldtime Junior Fiddle Championship, five top ten finishes at the Grand Master Fiddle Championship (highest 2nd), and the Twin Lakes National Fiddle Championship.  Her state championship titles include Tennessee (twice), Kentucky (twice), Alabama (three times), Indiana (three times), and Georgia.  Maddie is also one of the most in demand tenor guitar players at fiddle contests.  In addition to contest style fiddle, Maddie enjoys playing bluegrass, old time, western swing, and jazz and has studied with Jim Wood, Daniel Carwile, and Megan Lynch Chowning.  At FiddleStar camp, Maddie is famous for rounding up a jam at a moment's notice. No one can escape her passionate encouragement.  Aside from music, Maddie is studying Organismal Biology and Ecology at Middle Tennessee State University where she is a NCAA Division I college athlete on the women’s golf team. 

Megan B. Lynch Chowning
We're pretty sure that if you're checking out this camp you know all the pertinent biographical info about Megan already, but if not, click here...