What is the lodging like?
This is a house camp. It is held in our home, a large place on a couple acres out in the woods just north of Nashville proper. The beds are bunk style and each room houses a few people. There are regular bathrooms and showers in the house as well as a cabin on the property with bunks and a shower. The bunks are comfortable and we provide all the bedding and towels. But make no mistake, it is a house and therefore you will be sharing your space with other people. That is what makes this camp so special. Many of the instructors will be staying in the house with you and you will get to actually spend quality time with everyone involved.

Are there rooms available for families?
Currently, we do not have rooms available for families, or single, unshared rooms. However, we have room for tents (it's flat and shady!) for families who would like to stay on-site instead of getting a hotel in town. You would pay the full lodging price and have access to all the showers and the full three meals a day, etc.

If I don't get into the on-site lodging where should I stay?
The closest hotel is the Deerfield Inn in Greenbrier, TN. It is nothing fancy but it's close (5 minute drive), clean, and comfortable. Tell them FiddleStar Camps sent you. Prices are very reasonable. Also, any hotel in Goodlettsville, TN (which is a little closer to civilization) is about a 12 minute drive and there are several familiar chain hotels available.

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?
No problem. Just let us know. We'll work with you.

When should I arrive?
If you are flying in and need a ride, please plan to arrive at the Nashville airport after 5pm on Tuesday evening. if you are driving in and staying on-site you can arrive at camp after 5pm on Tuesday or up until 9am on Wednesday morning when classes start. If you are driving and are not staying on-site (day camper) we need you to arrive by 9am on Wednesday morning to get checked in. You are also welcome to pop by Tuesday evening after 5pm if you'd just like to say howdy.

When should I plan my escape?
This camp officially ends Friday afternoon. Most of the campers and instructors will be heading up to Leitchfield, KY on Friday afternoon for the Twin Lakes Fiddler Championships which starts bright and early Saturday morning.

*If you are not planning to attend the contest, camper pickup time is Friday between 2pm and 4pm.

*If you are not planning to attend the contest and will need a ride to the airport, those rides will happen between 2pm and 4pm on Friday afternoon so schedule your flight accordingly.

*If you are planning to go to the contest but will be flying home afterward schedule your flight from the Nashville airport for Sunday afternoon to allow plenty of time to get back from Kentucky. 

*We will plan to leave for Leitchfield around 4pm-5pm on Friday afternoon.

*Please refer to the fiddle contest website for hotel and scheduling information. 

Can day campers attend the evening camp activities?
You bet! Day campers are welcome to any of the evening fun, whether it be a field trip to a concert in Nashville or jamming by the bonfire at camp. Day campers are required to provide their own breakfasts and suppers and are asked to have rides to and from the events to help with transportation.

Do campers need to know how to play both fiddle and guitar before they attend camp?
We ask that every camper be comfortable with at least the fiddle or guitar before attending camp. But we recognize that many campers will only be proficient at one instrument before camp and that's cool. We'll have beginner classes for each instrument at camp.

Can you provide a fiddle or guitar for campers?
Nope. Sorry, we can't keep enough instruments on hand to provide any for campers. We ask that you bring both a fiddle and guitar with you to camp. If you don't own both instruments and are interested in renting one, let us know and we might be able to connect you with a resource to help out.

Do I need to be able to read music or tab?
Not at all. Most camp classes are "call and response" style so the most important thing you need is a desire to learn and the patience to know that sometimes you might not process every piece of information the week of camp. That's OK, just bring a recording device and you can enjoy learning and revisiting the information all through the year after camp!

Does a parent need to attend?
No, if you're cool with dropping your kid off with us for camp, we're cool with it. We will have at least six adults on site at all times to supervise the 15 campers. If you do plan to attend and stay on-site with your child, you must let us know when you register and pay a deposit for both you and your child. The parent fee is $200 in addition to the regular camper fee.

Can parents attend classes? 
We ask that parents stay out of classes, generally speaking. We find it tends to work best when the teachers have the ability to get to know the kids and work with them without parental um, well, interference. Do make sure your child has a recording device available to help keep track of things that are taught in class and refer back to them throughout the year. Parents are welcome to attend the recording session and all the evening activities.

Is there a discount if I'm sending more than one child to camp?
You bet! We will happily deduct $50 from each child's camp fee (if they're paying the full sleepover fee) if you are sending siblings.

What's the scoop with refunds and final payment and all that?
Here's the deal. We are pretty tough on this part because with the camps being so small and there being waiting lists for just about every camp we host (Thank you for that, we're so grateful for the interest!) we have to be pretty strict about refunds and balances being paid on time. This allows us to continue to get the greatest teachers in all the land and notify those people on the waiting list in time for them to make travel arrangements.

*Deposits are due at registration. Your spot is not secure until your deposit is paid.

*Camp fee balance is due 60 days before camp starts. You will get plenty of notice and reminding.

*Deposits are non-refundable.

*If you pay the whole balance at the time of registration but need to cancel, you will be refunded your fee, minus the non-refundable deposit, as long as you cancel before 60 days prior to camp.

*If you need to cancel within the 60 day prior to camp mark, we will not be able to refund your money. We will endeavor to use your camp fee to help scholarship a camper who might need a little extra financial assistance to attend camp.

*If you do not pay your balance by the deadline, your spot will be given to another camper and your deposit will not be refunded.